With ‘Riddick’ arriving on DVD and BluRay on January 13th, Katee Sackhoff (NSFW link) who plays Dahl in the movie, is once again out promoting the film.  She’s also discussing other interesting science fiction favorites and revealing new details, including that she auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman on the David E. Kelly pilot!  Here’s more about what she had to say.

She mentions that her ‘Riddick’ character may actually get its own spin-off but not anytime soon.:

“[It’s] not [something I’m] actively pursuing, no, just because there are so many other things that are requiring my attention right now, but it has been broached, so it’s something that… maybe not necessarily a movie but it’s been brought up. And Dahl didn’t die, so her coming back in extra installments is more of a likelihood.”

As far as other projects, she expressed that she is a huge Batman fan and she provided a voice in ‘Batman: Year One’, she’d love to play a live action character in that character’s universe.

“I would love to play Harley Quinn. I just think it’s amazing. I mean I think I might give away my firstborn to have an opportunity to play Harley Quinn… I love trying to understand the villain, and trying to understand the things they do and why they do them, and I’ve always found her and The Joker, you almost can’t understand them. And it makes it so much more interesting because everything’s fair game, and I love that. I loved the usefulness of her, I thought that was interesting, and I just think that it’s a fantastic character.”

She came close to portraying another comic titan, none other than Wonder Woman in the David E. Kelly crafted pilot that was never fully completed or aired.

“I’d love to play Wonder Woman. I remember auditioning for the Wonder Woman television show and being told that I wasn’t the Wonder Woman type, but if I wanted to play the best friend, I could audition for that.And remember thinking to myself, ‘You obviously haven’t seen my work!”

As far as another franchise that inspires her? “‘Star Wars’ meant everything to me growing up.

“Star Wars’ was, I mean, it was the first time I remember seeing three movies that all kind of went together. It was just an amazing final understanding of what a trilogy was.

I was absolutely obsessed, I mean I wanted to be… The sad thing is, I never wanted to be Princess Leia, I always wanted to be Han Solo! [laughs] I’ve never really been drawn to these female roles, but I think that ‘The Clone Wars’ was so much fun for me to play, I mean a warrior.”

Sackhoff has practically built her career on starring in science fiction and action properties.  Would you like to see her play Harley Quinn or appear in ‘Star Wars’?

Source Total Film