If you like going into movies cold and plan on seeing ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘ in theaters, you are going to want to stop reading right now. In a recent interview Gary Oldman (‘RoboCop‘, ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘) gave details about not only what to expect from his character in the film but what appears to be quite a bit of the overall plot of the movie as well. At the very least, it’ll take away a lot of the mystery of where we’ll be finding the characters when the film premieres in July.

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OK, you’ve had plenty of time to run and hide! Here’s the video interview and I’ll go over what we now know after the jump!

So it looks like Oldman is going to be playing the leader of a community that was able to survive both the flu that wiped out so much of humanity as well as the social uprising that followed. As Oldman’s character was a police officer before civilization fell (could he have been a commissioner in a major metropolis?) and by being both strong and fair, he was elected as the leader of the group of survivors he has stayed with. Becoming desperate, the humans want to try to re-establish a source of power for the ease of having creature comforts (or for, you know, survival) and when they head over to a local power station to try and see if it’s still functioning, they find a tribe of Apes that have taken it over.

Gordon’s Oldman’s character has only one plan in mind when he finds out that the apes that have beaten down humanity so badly are still alive: “Wipe them out.”

While that might seem a little brutal, with the loss humanity has endured and with what Oldman’s character has personally gone through in the film, he cannot see a way for the two societies to live peacefully with eachother. Long term fans of the franchise know all too well how this attempted war against the Apes will eventually end up for humanity.

What do you think about the latest details on the film? Does it have you excited for the post apoclyptic world we’re about to be seeing as well as the upcoming war between human and ape?

‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is slated to be released on July 11th, 2014.

Source: MTV