Laura Vandervoort has been doing great work in genre shows and movies over the years having starred originally in ‘Goosebumps’ and slowly moving into such series as ‘Smallville’, ‘V’, and now SyFy’s most recent hit, ‘Bitten‘. In next month’s issue of Maxim she is the featured model of the month and has some time to sit down and talk about her most recent series on SyFy based on the “Women of the Otherworld” series by Kelley Armstrong where she plays the main character, Elena.

In the interview, Laura talks about playing the only female in the werewolf pack that she is a member of and how she enjoys playing a strong woman. Not only that, but she hints at some of the betrayal that we’ll be seeing on screen down the line when the man she falls in love with betrays her by dragging her back into this life. Vandervoort also talks about her martial arts training and how it’s helped her for this role. You can watch the actual interview below!

If you want to know more about her series ‘Bitten’, make sure you get the March issue of Maxim! And while we wait until it goes on sale, here’s a preview of what to expect between the pages:

‘Bitten’ stars Laura Vandervoort, Greg Bryk, Greyston Holt and Paul Greene. Daegan Fryklind and Grant Rosenberg will executive produce the series and serve as co-showrunners. The show is scheduled to be released in 2014

Source: Comic Book Movie