Strap yourselves in as last night’s episode of ‘Lost Girl’ changed everything. As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

We open with Bo and Dyson training in an old gym. Bo is letting loose with the punches and emotions as her frustration over the last few months boils over. Soon frustration leads to release and it’s sexy time in the ring, unfortunately they are not alone. There seems to be a huge peeping gargoyle watching them from the rafters. Cue the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Gir’l logo and we are off!

Kenzi and Teen-Tam are hanging out doing girl stuff when Bo comes home and is met with a face full of fire as the Fae ADT system blocks her from entering. No worries, must be a mistake as the Ignis Rim is only supposed to keep out malicious Fae. Foreshadow! Teen-Tam stays home to watch some ‘X-Files’ and the girls get a night out.

Wow, Trick’s place sucks now. Nobody wants to go out due to the looming uncertainty of the Una Mens and the bar’s patrons are few and keeping to themselves. So what’s a succubus to do for a little fun? Succutize them all into some dirty dancing. Oh hey, it’s Massimo, Kenzi’s favorite power dealer. Apparently she’s still looking for a Fae fix.

Cut to Teen-Tam home alone when two sad looking ninjas enter. Teen-Tam goes all Marilyn over a street vent and they scurry off. Back to Bo’s dance party and another cameo from the gargoyle who from now on I shall call Stoney. Back home Bo and Kenzi quickly discover an empty loft and a now fully Skarsten Tamsin! Welcome back Rachel, I missed you.

Time for a police report. The gang talks to Dyson at the police station and the innuendos fly. A quick flash to Lauren on what looks like the Set of Saw and we are back to Kenzi, who is quickly kidnapped for all of 10 seconds before Bo breaks some faces. Turns out Massimo is trying to collect on Kenzi’s outstanding debts. He’s behind the kidnapping attempt and the robbery. Hell hath no fury as a dealer scorned.

Time for a fae to face with Massimo. Bo wants answers and The Druid is being a jerk. A deal is struck and Massimo wants a rare Japanese herb in exchange for wiping Kenzi’s debt. Luckily Lauren had some and it may still be on her green wall.

Back to Saw. Confession time. Crystal was ordered to keep Lauren close by keeping her close. Lauren’s backstory revealed! Back in the day Lauren and her brother were ecco terrorists blowing up pipelines. Creepy Saw voice isn’t moved and tells Lauren to look under the tarp. It’s blood and stuff. An elder needs a diagnosis and the clock is running.

Back to Bo and Kenzi and a little heart to heart. Bo’s lament is only heightened when she finds Karen’s police file on the floor. She never really knew her. They find the herb and are blocked from leaving by another Ignis Rim. All right folks, say this with me, loud and proud in your best Admiral Ackbar voice… It’s a trap! Not even Kenzi can leave.

Back to the station and some Tamsin reveals. She doesn’t have all her memories and is still clearly a child, though physically all grown up. Valkyries’ lives are complicated. How long will this child-like innocence last?

Bo gives Kenzi a bath, no not as sexy as it sounds, and she sets off to find the components necessary to remove the ring. Bo is left on her own to snoop around her ex’s apartment which honestly, is never a good idea. She finds a necklace and a note and everything goes dark. When the lights come back on we can see Stoney over Bo’s shoulder but of course he disappears when she looks. The power problems continue and Bo becomes more and more agitated as Stoney keeps appearing just out of her sightline. Another outage and Stoney, doing a great Joker impression, appears right in front of Bo, whose arm he apparently just bit. This WTF moment is broken up by Kenzi running in with all the components to break the spell of holding.

Quick cut to Tamsin shows her wondering just what’s going on with her as she ponders the two bloody slits in her shirt over the shoulder blades. Nobody better ring any bells. Back to Bo and Kenzi. You know that awkward moment when you tell your best friend that you’ve been stealing from family and friends to support a Fae habit. Doing everything you can to get a permanent power so you wouldn’t be rounded up by the Una Mens like all the other claimed humans? Bo tells her she would never let that happen and is promptly emotionally bitch-slapped with the reality that she just got back and wasn’t there to do any protecting. There are tears. Kenzi is letting all the secrets fly now. She tells Bo about her insecurities and even about the Dyson Kiss and her love/like for Hale. She has a lot of abandonment issues and sh*t just got real. (It’s a great scene and Silk and Solo really play well off of eachother. Go watch the episode if only for this.) The drama is interrupted by a Dyson phone call. He lost Tamsin. Massimo’s plot revealed. Bo does a quick Nancy Drew and deduces Massimo’s true intentions. He found out Tamsin is alive and wants to get his hands on her because Valkrie parts are magical and very valuable. With Bo and Kenzi trapped he was free to nab her unimpeded.

Cut to Bo’s place. Tamsin opens the door and who is on the other side but the aforementioned Massimo who is laying on the creep factor pretty thick. The Druid pretty quickly tapes Tamsin to a chair as he fills her in on his nefarious plans and says my favorite quote of the episode when referring to Bo and Kenzi. “You’ve been playing house with the ambiguously Fae duo.” (Kids go to Netflix for some late 90’s SNL for the reference) Massimo likes the bad girls. He tells her about trying to kill Bo and sharpens up a straight razor for his hair fetish. Bo to the rescue… kinda. Massimo quickly puts the razor to Bo’s throat only to soil himself when Tamsin reveals her true nature, that of a Victoria’s Secret model apparently.

Cut to Doctor Lauren giving the diagnosis to Saw Guy over CCTV. The Fae in question has been eating blood relatives. Course of treatment, lay off the incest. Lauren goes all sorts of indignant thinking her captor is Hale but when the doors open… it’s not Hale.

Back to Tamsin, Bo, and Massimo. The Harbinger of Death is jonesing for some killing but Bo talks her out of it with the aid of a little Succu-touch and sends her out of the room so the grown-ups can talk. Here come the revelations. Massimo reveals that since Tamsin has wings this is her last life. Bo reveals she’s pissed off and tired of Massimo’s Gargoyles. Massimo reveals it wasn’t him and Gargoyles only serve the elite, probably Elder Fae. Massimo is revealed to be human. Massimo reveals his mommy issues and faceplants in a cauldron of hot lava.

Back to the sex gym that opened the episode. Bo and Kenzie make up and realize they are family. Not bonded by blood but by love. Cut to Dyson telling Tamsin a bed time story. Kenzie enters and Dyson tells her she does in fact belong. He’ll teach her a few things. Oh, and he lost Lauren and thinks she’s in danger.

Cut to a creepy Una Mens sanctum, and look Stoney’s there too. Mystery solved. Bo gets on her high horse and lets them know she’s not going to stand for their crap and if they want to kill her they better give it their best shot. The Una Mens calmly, some would say creepily, inform her they do not want to kill her, they only wanted to remove the unaligned succubus but her blood has spoken and already chose a side. What side?

Bo is Dark.