A couple of weeks ago there was a rumored synopsis for the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ film that was released and immediatly denied by it’s director, Josh Trank (‘Chronicle‘). At the time everyone, myself included, breathed a huge sigh of relief thinking that no one would be stupid enough to go with the rumored synopsis and kill the ‘Fantastic Four‘ film franchise before it even started, that is until today.

Apparently a slew of websites have been receiving ‘cease and desist’ letters from 20th Century Fox stating:

“It has come to our attention that you have posted a purported plot details from the Fox Property on your website”and “These purported plot details provide important qualitative details about character, plot, setting and mood, thereby violating Fox’s rights in the copyrights to the screenplay of the Fox Property.”

Hmm. Sounds to me with that phrasing is that the synopsis might not have been quite that off after all. Could this mean we’ll be seeing a different origin for Reed and Ben that randomly run into their powers and isn’t from SCIENCE that’s being done in space? Are the powers going to be partially responsible for Reed becoming the super genius that he is today? Are siblings Sue and Johnny going to get their powers in some other way and end up all meeting each other while working for the government as weapons in their future? There is a lot of speculation there and since Fox has to have some ground to stand on it could be even as simple as a single one of the plot points being accurate.

I’m sure we can all agree that it had better not be the entire thing.

So what do you think ladies and gentlemen? Are we going to be getting a completely redone origin story for the ‘Fantastic Four’ or are only one of the major plot points from the synopsis covered? If only a single portion what do you think will end up being in the film? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: Comic Book Movie