Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

We’ve been hearing rumors that Netflix was either going to drop a new season of ‘Black Mirror‘ or a film titled ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch‘ on December 28th, 2019 and a new report is pointing to it being a film. Not only that, but details about the plot and actors involved have surfaced online. While something this early from Netflix who likes to keep their cards close to the vest would usually feel like a rumor, it was reported by the Korean Media Rating Board which would need the details ahead of time, so this is likely going to be true.

The violence for this movie is said to be “excessive” according to the Media Rating Board and the translation of the film shares that “soon, reality and virtual worlds are mixed and start to create confusion” as a young programmer is working on turning a fantasy novel into a video game.

This matches up with early reports of the film be set in the ’80s about a video game which had never been completed titled Bandersnatch. Now, it seems like we’ll be learning the “true” story of what really happened.

David Slade (‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘American Gods’) is listed as the director who has worked on multiple episodes in the past including fan-favorite “Metalhead.” There is only one actor listed at this time who is Fionn Whitehead (‘Dunkirk,’ ‘The Children Act.’) It is likely that he will end up as the programmer mentioned above.

While we’re learning more about the film, there is no word as to if it will be the rumored “Choose Your Own Adventure” version which was previously hinted at or if this will be a standard movie.

An early preview image which had popped up at one point and has since been pulled also shows Will Poulter (‘The Maze Runner’) and Asim Chaudhry (‘BBC’s People Just Do Nothing’) with Whitehead as being part of the cast.


This likely confirms two more of the actors who we’ll be seeing with this new Whitehead confirmation.

Are you eager to check out ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’? Do you feel that Netflix will officially be dropping a trailer any time now or will the film launch with no fanfare? Will this be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” styled movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is likely coming to Netflix on December 28th, 2018!

Source: Comic Book