In a shocking move, Warner Brothers has decided to push its highly-anticipated, much discussed sequel to ‘Man of Steel’ back almost a full year.  Almost.  But more on that in a second.  Though the script has been completed and filming was due to begin in the near future, the fact that casting rumors and speculation are still popping up… including rumors that Nightwing, Green Lantern, the Flash and possibly other heroes could be added to the mix, might indicate that they just need more time to adequately fit it all in.  In an announcement, the studio stated that the move was made to “[allow] the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story.”  This could refer to additional CGI and post-production.

The movie was slated for release on July 17, 2015, but it will now come out on May 6, 2016.  But here’s the thing: that’s not just some random date.

Last summer, Marvel planted its flags on three dates, May 6, 2016, July 18, 2016, and May 5, 2017.  Yes, Warner Brothers now plans to unleash ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ on the same date as Marvel was already planning to release an unnamed movie.  Now, it’s possible that WB didn’t realize that Marvel had that date saved.  Not likely, but possible.

What’s more likely is that WB is starting a super cinematic pissing contest.  They have a three headed juggernaut coming out, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and maybe even the JUSTICE LEAGUE (even if it’s just a small cameo) will CRUSH whatever Marvel puts out.

Though Marvel hasn’t made any announcements about upcoming movies (and likely won’t until convention season), Doctor Strange‘s name has been popping up lately regarding casting.  Is the Sorcerer Supreme powerful enough to defeat DC’s trinity?  I doubt it.  Marvel is in a Catch-22 situation though.  If they pit their movie against ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ it’s very likely they will lose to their competition.  But if they change their release date, they lose this particular game of chicken and possibly show weakness in the public’s perception.

What do you think?  If you had to choose between ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ and a Marvel movie (possibly ‘Doctor Strange’) which would you choose?

Source: Cinema Blend