The end of the world is a pretty popular topic in Hollywood these days. Everyone is trying to do their own takes on it. I think out of the ones in the works right now, I’m most excited for Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s directorial debut ‘The End of the World’, which features a bunch of awesomely hilarious celebrities dealing with the apocalypse. But Rogan and Goldberg aren’t the only green directors looking to make their mark on the trope. Drew Barrymore, who’s only directed the 2009 roller derby flick ‘Whip It’, is trying her hand as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barrymore has just closed a deal to direct an end of the world film for Warner Bros. called ‘The End’. In her take on the subject, she’s looking to create a more uplifting drama and “a meditation not on death but on life” by focusing on a number of different people as they come to terms with the apocalypse. Written by Aron Eli Coleite, who’s credits include ‘Heroes’ and ‘The River’, the script includes storylines that follow “a sixty-something radio personality in London intent on broadcasting until the end, a father trying to make it through the chaos in Tokyo to reach his wife and baby, and a teenage couple in the American Midwest being pulled in different directions by their families”.

Unlike her directorial debut, Barrymore will not star in ‘The End’, which joins rom-com ‘How To Be Single’ and young adult thriller ‘Heist Society’ on the actress-turned-director’s slate.

I haven’t seen ‘Whip It’, but I’ve heard good things, and I’m a fan of her work in front of the camera, so I’m curious to see how she handles ‘The End’. How do you think the ‘E.T.’ and ‘Never Been Kissed’ actress will do behind the camera in her second outing behind the camera? Share your thoughts in the comments!