Stan Lee is producing an animated movie trilogy for The Hub network with a new cast of super heroes.  “The Man” that brought you Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four has crafted a show that will focus on powerful aliens stranded on the Earth called ‘Stan Lee’s Mighty 7’, based on a comic book he wrote for Archie Comics.  (You can read my review of the first issue here.  It’s… less than glowing.)  Obviously, the powers that be are banking on the comic legend’s name to draw viewers.  The first movie is, rather unimaginatively, called ‘Beginnings’.

The cast, however, is pretty impressive:

Armie Hammer – Strong Arm (Super strength)
Christian Slater – Lazer Lord (You can piece that one together yourself… also “Lazer” with a Z?  Really?)
Mayim Bialik – Lady Lightning (Super speed)
Teri Hatcher – Silver Skylark (Wings)
Flea – Roller Man (These names… just… anyway he has the same powers as Bouncing Boy from the Legion of Super Heroes, y’know the character who always winds up on those internet lists of the WORST super powers you can have?  Yeah that guy.)
Darren Criss – Micro (Once again, I’m sure you can figure that one out on your own)
Sean Astin – Kid Kinergy (Not. A. Word.  But has telekinesis.)

The cast also includes:

Jim Belushi – Mr. Cross (The leader of a military strike force dedicated to investigating UFO sitings)
Michael Ironside – Xanar (Leader of a planet that is warring with the Mighty 7’s homeworld)
And of course, Stan “The Man” himself as himself

Here is the synopsis:

In the film, Stan Lee is hired by Archie Comics to create a new group of superheroes. He finds himself stumped with writer’s block and heads to the desert to clear his mind. When seven aliens suddenly crash land near him and start demonstrating their various superpowers, he decides, “Perfect! They will be come my next superheroes!” But almost instantly, he realizes they are being chased by the military and aliens from their own planet, and he needs to act quickly. He makes the decision to have them move into his house in Malibu where he will teach them everything they need to know about being superheroes. Comedy and adventure ensue as the aliens try to adapt to life on earth, and their new roles as superheroes, all the while running for their lives.

Sounds super original.

Form your own opinion by watching a clip from the movie itself:

I’ll probably watch it on a ‘Sharknado‘ level, but this looks just about as bad as the ‘Ultraforce’ cartoon from the 90s if you even remember that.  I respect all that Stan Lee has brought to comics.  He honestly revolutionized the artform… in the 60s.  But maybe he should just retire and be an old man?  I’d do that tomorrow if I could.  No need to keep cranking out cheesy, out-of-date new concepts.

What do you think?

Source: Geek Tyrant