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Luke Evans (‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug‘,’Immortals‘) is all lined up to play Eric Draven in the upcoming ‘The Crow‘ remake and has been working hard to soothe concerns over the film. Comic adaptations and reboots of movies tend to bring up a concern for fans of the original work. As of late, when filmmakers are rebooting a comic adaptation, it ends up being twice as bad! With the original film starring Brandon Lee being loved by fans around the world, this reboot project could easily get too much slack for trying to follow, or not follow, in the original’s footsteps.

In an interview with Red Carpet News TV, Evans wants it clearly known to fans of ‘The Crow’ that his film will follow the plot of the comic and not the first film:

“Well, we just want to be as authentic and loyal to the original comic as possible, and that means the story will be different. It’ll be different from what people are expecting. It’s not about us ripping off the Brandon Lee movie, that stands alone as a brilliant piece of cult film and a great performance, but we’re going back to the book, the original book. And that’s exciting because we’re bringing to the screen a lot of parts of the story that were never really told. So yeah, it’s our chance to do it, to do it differently, but to be as loyal and respectful of the original storyline as we possibly can.”

So it seems there will be a lot of new scenes in the film that fans of the comic will probably recognize but for those who have only seen the first movie will be in for a surprise.

Evans hasn’t put on the makeup for the role yet but when asked about it, he did say that “”It’ll be interesting won’t it to do that? I don’t know how it will feel. I’ve yet to think about that too much. I’m just prepping, it’s all very physical at the moment.”

‘The Crow’ has no release date yet but is scheduled to begin production sometime this year.

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