I was always taught beauty was from within. Maybe it’s true… for humans. However, when it comes to our yearning for a universe much greater than our own, forget platitudes on beauty and let’s give in to our pulpy desires, shall we? That’s what fantasy is all about! The following list consists of the most beautiful female creatures in science fiction that do not share our DNA. These are the bodacious babes that make us jealously weirded-out or weirdly turned-on. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

1. Natasha Henstridge – Sil  (‘Species’)

Henstridge’s beauty is beyond comprehension, much like how the plot to ‘Species’ and ‘Species 2’ is the same plot for most pornographic movies yet somehow ‘Species’ manages to not be a porn. Mind-blowing. 

2. Amy Acker – Illyria  (‘Angel’)

Though in ‘Angel: After the Fall’ we see what Illyria really looks like, when the ancient demon first takes over Fred Burkle’s body, I’m sure many an eyebrow were raised.

3. Kelly LeBrock – Lisa  (‘Weird Science’)

Some people know Kelly LeBrock as the chick from ‘Weird Science’. Others know her as the Aphrodite of the 80’s.

4. Kate Beckinsale – Selene (‘Underworld’)

Whether she’s fighting the Lycans or falling in love with one, Selene makes inner turmoil  seem pretty sexy. What adds to her appeal? Selene never loses a fight. Oh, and maybe the skintight outfit.

5. Zoe Saldana – Neytiri  (‘Avatar’)

I knew I was going to put a Zoe Saldana character on this list. However, it was a toss up between Neytiri from ‘Avatar’ or what we all imagine she’s going to look like as Gamora in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

6. Anna Silk – Bo  (‘Lost Girl’)

How can I create a sexiest supernatural woman list without including a bonafide succubus?!

7. Alyssa Milano – Phoebe  (‘Charmed’)

Alyssa Milano’s Phoebe proves that witches can be both quirky and oozing with sex appeal. Warts are a thing of the past!

8. Monica Bellucci – Persephone  (‘The Matrix Reloaded / The Matrix: Revolutions’)

Monica Bellucci is probably the only one in the cast who didn’t need sunglasses to enhance her oomph.

9. Rebecca Romijn –  Mystique  (‘X-Men’)

Obviously Rebecca Romijn as Mystique is titillating and scaly, but I have to say she’s sexiest when imitating Senator Robert Kelly.

10. Kristanna Loken – T-X  (‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’)

Forget Regina George. Kristanna Loken’s T-X is the ultimate mean girl. Her role as the Terminatrix is what nightmares are made of,  so congratulations if nightmares are your sort of thing. Interesting tidbit: no special effects were used while she was on screen. All of the neck-twisting/body-bending was 100% Loken herself!

Unleash your inner fury, dear readers; who did I leave out?