With all the rumors and speculation about Batman’s part in the upcoming ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ movie, it is no wonder that many people forgot that the movie is actually a sequel to a Superman movie, namely ‘Man of Steel.’ And with details coming out naming ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ as one of the key sources for story material, plus all the media hype that comes with finding a new actor to play Batman and seeing what his suit and gadgets are going to look like, it no wonder old Supes is being overlooked.

Until now. According to a source who claims to have seen an early draft of the script that was still in use right before they began shooting, Batman is set-up early in the film, right before Superman takes the reigns, and we see the fall-out from all the events of the ‘Man of Steel’ movie. The story will take place a few years later, with Clark and Lois in a committed relationship and living together, while Clark continues to write for the Daily Planet, hoping to get stories involving Batman. At one point it seems Lois gets into some trouble while working on a story in the middle east, and Superman comes to save her, an act which is frowned upon by the world at large, as it seems they see Superman as an American weapon, who should not be deployed outside his own country.

Most interestingly is the display of the lessons Superman (and the filmmakers) learned from the ‘Man of Steel’ backlash. For example, at one point the script has Superman explaining to a villain that he is not going to snap his neck, but rather bring him to prison – a clear nod to those appalled by his actions with General Zod. At another point in the film (involving a fight with Doomsday), General Swanwick speaks of the strategy of Superman first and foremost bringing the fight away from populated areas, another clear response to the mass destruction unleashed upon Metropolis during ‘Man of Steel.’

It’s good to know that both Superman and the filmmakers are going to attempt to be better versions of themselves for this film, and that all of these things should factor nicely into the plot, propelling Batman to become an adversary to Superman to ensure another Metropolis massacre does not occur, and the justice handed out to General Zod does not become a recurring act for Superman. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together next year!

Source: Badass Digest