There was certainly a ton of hype leading up to Grant Gustin’s debut as Barry Allen on last week’s episode of The CW’s ‘Arrow’.  Now that he’s stepped into the role, it seems a lot of people are reacting favorably to his humble, slightly awkward take.  This spin is a departure from the comics in that Barry is now only a junior forensic scientist with Oliver (Stephen Amell) jabbing “Do your parents know you’re here?”  But there is inspiration taken from the comics, as in the current series, Barry is attempting to solve his own mother’s death.  The manner that the TV Barry’s mother died HEAVILY points to an appearance by one classic Flash Rogue, but if you aren’t familiar with the comics, I’ll just stop there.

Grant has given his first post-debut appearance interview to TV Guide, alongside producer Andrew Kreisberg, where he discussed playing the iconic role.  Check it out below:

Among the highlights, Grant describes his character by saying, “I think he’s a really endearing person.  He’s a funny person.  I would enjoy spending time with him… The way he reacts, he isn’t just stoked about this even though he is a super hero fanboy, he’s a little bit scared… I just had a lot of fun playing with it and I’m excited and I’d like to do more in the future hopefully.”  (Obviously a tease to his new stand-alone pilot.)

Kreisberg added, “He’s just a guy.  Our pitch on him is that he’s always had the heart of a hero, now he has the feet for it.”

In a related SPOILER ALERT, Stephen Amell also chimed in, revealing a crucial detail about tonight’s episode ‘Three Ghosts’.  (Picture inserted so you can flee if you want to.)

Amell states, “We get to a point later in the season (actually tonight’s episode) where we think that someone else should be told about my identity, but that has to be put to a vote because I lose my mind when I discover that [Barry] knows my identity.”  Well, Barry has already proven to be quite intuitive, so being in such close proximity with the gang, I’m sure he figured it out.  He is ‘The Scientist’ after all.  As far as the other party that the group is voting on, I would suspect it’s Quentin Lance, with whom The Arrow has been working closer and closer.

How do you feel about Grant Gustin as Barry Allen?  Have you gotten over his youth?  Do you think he’s a good fit for the ‘Arrow’ universe?

Source SuperHeroMovie