SPOILER ALERT!!!  Secrets about the second half of ‘The Walking Dead’ season four will be revealed below!  This article is NOTHING BUT SPOILERS!!!

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Four, Part One ended on a bloody note, in an episode entitled ‘Too Far Gone’ that closely resembled the climax of ‘The Prison’ storyline in the comics… in other words a bloodbath.  Where could the cast, now scattered in a manner similar to the way season two ended, end up?  Producers have hinted that the show will continue to draw inspiration from the comics, but not adapt it directly.  And the preview shown at the end of ‘Too Far Gone’ seems to indicate that at least one storyline will come into play, which is (I told you, SPOILERS!) that Rick will fall ill and Carl will have to take care of him.

Now Robert Kirkman has spilled to TV Guide a few additional tidbits.

1. Carol will definitely be back.  Now this was obvious to everyone.  There was no way, after her recent character arc that she would be gone for good, but keep in mind how long The Governor/Brian was missing this season.  The producers could have pushed the character, played by Melissa McBride, off to make viewers really clamor for her return.  But it sounds like she’ll be back sooner rather than later.

2. Remember when Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob (Boo!  I hate you Bob!) were riding in that car and they heard a static-y radio broadcast that mentioned ‘The Sanctuary’?  That will come into play.  This could refer to a number of comic book story lines.  For some reason, I think it will introduce the initially pleasant group that the cast encounters only to learn of their… peculiar appetites.  Of course that storyline will probably play out with different characters, since Dale played a large part in it, and he has already been killed off on the show.

3.  There will be flashbacks.  Remember Michonne’s reaction to holding baby Judith?  That will be explained.  Also it was earlier hinted that the cast hasn’t seen the last of Hershel, so expect him to pop up in flashbacks with either Maggie, Beth or both.  (I should point out, the Michonne storyline is NOT in the comics, so that will be brand new.)

Zap2It even muses that perhaps Carol’s return will involve The Sanctuary.  Could she stumble upon a new settlement the same way Andrea did in Season Three?  If so, I hope they spin it in a different direction.  (Which I’m sure they will.)

February seems a loooooooong way away!  Are you going through walker withdrawal?  What else would you like to see happen on the show?

Source Zap2It via TV Guide