At Paleyfest, the cast of ‘Lost’ reunited to talk about one of the most talked about the show that is often heralded as bringing in a golden age of television.

EntertainmentWeekly interviewed the cast, their first question being “Explain ‘Lost'”.

And so the cast did. Kind of. Okay, really, they just gave the highlights. Plane crash, everything goes to hell. Dog running around. Characters learn lessons and face demons. WE HAVE TO GO BACK! Microcosm of good and evil. They were saved.

Okay, that last bit. Really, Josh Holloway. They were saved? As I recall, only five characters made it off the island alive. Hmmmm….

In any case, it’s about as good as summary as we’re ever going to get.

The rest of the interview follows each cast member being grateful for being on the show, being excited for the reunion, and lamenting all the physical work they had to do on the show (Desmond did a lot of running, and Maggie Grace got very muddy). It’s a nice addition to the nostalgia ‘Lost’ fans have been feeling since Paleyfest.

Source: EntertainmentWeekly