Just yesterday, J.D. Payne and Patrick McCay were announced as joining Roberto Orci in scripting the third ‘Star Trek’ movie.  At the time, there had been no official statement made as for who was directing.  But earlier, Joe Cornish the director of fan-favorite alien invasion thriller ‘Attack the Block’ appeared to be the frontrunner.  But that won’t be happening now.  As reported by Variety “he is no longer involved.”

That’s it.  No further explanation as to why, whether it had to do with salary issues or good ol’ fashioned “creative differences.”  But with a script not yet penned, it’s probably too early to start panicking.  But often times, a director likes to have some input into the story they are directing.

However, as Cinema Blend correctly asserts, this new take on the venerable franchise seemed rock solid until now.  (Despite alienating some long-time, hardcore fans of the older takes on the franchise.)  Under the guidance of J.J. Abrams, production on ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ appeared to flow perfectly smoothly, based on scripts by the prolific and successful Roberto Orci and his partner Alex Kurtzman.  But ‘Into Darkness”s controversial reception seemed to show a sign of troubles to come.

Abrams announced he would not direct the third movie, choosing instead to work on ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.’  Now Kutrzman is also off the film, which may be the first time Orci will script without his longtime writing partner.  And the two new writers have never had a script actually produced to film.

But as I said, the film isn’t due until some time in 2016 and  the script isn’t even completed.  And Abrams has a lot of connections and is still producing.  We’ll continue to keep you posted as the director-search continues.

What do you think?  Are you confident in ‘Star Trek 3’?  Or does the string of obstacles make you nervous?

Source Cinema Blend via Variety