What’s the definition of narcissism? How about cloning a quartet of yourself because you believe the world needs more of you. The detectives have to go against one Ethan Avery and his quartet of selves all the while protecting a quirky medium psychic who’s their only hope for putting the murdering Avery behind bars for good.

The usual humorous beginning offers us some TMI on the MX droids. According to Kennex, they are “life sized Ken dolls”. Dorian, however, is anatomically correct. After Dorian shares a bit too much of himself in the physical sense, he brings up Stahl and her obvious crush on Kennex. “She likes you,” he tells John.

Captain Maldonado is front and center in Blood Brothers

As mentioned, the gist of the story revolves around Ethan Avery, a brilliant philanthropist, on trial for the murder of Dr. Fuller, a fertility specialist. Maldonado is on the stand testifying and her distaste for the smug Avery is difficult to hide. The two witnesses are Haley Meyers and Maya Vaughn, the latter of whom is a curly, doe-eyed blond who’s pretty adamant that she’s psychic. And lucky too, considering Haley and the bailiff are murdered during her testimony while Maya converses with Haley’s aunt in the bathroom. She’s able to get away before the shooter can add her to the list of dead witnesses. At the murder scene, Kennex and Stahl get their flirt on as she collects pieces of the MX droid assigned to witness protection. Maldonado pays Avery a visit and is psychologically eviscerated by the brilliant scumbag. During this time, Maya’s found by Dorian in the woods is taken  back to the station where he and Kennex question her. Maya’s psychic abilities come forth again, this time via Haley as the murdered witness swears her killer was Ethan Avery. Kennex dismisses her as a crackpot though Dorian’s knowledge of the cerebellex procedure she was given attests to her possibly telling the truth. Her claims are strengthened when Rudy confirms that the voice at the scene of the slaughter was none other than Ethan Avery.

After Rudy’s revelation, the gang enters into a roundtable discussion on what’s going on. After discounting the possibilities of an identical twin, Kennex suggests Avery may have had himself cloned. Stahl adds to that, surmising Avery had dealings with Fuller, using the doctor’s speciality in fertility to create a clone. She interviews Adelaide Jones, Fuller’s former assistant, who tells the detective that much of their work was done at Dr. Fuller’s mother’s house. Kennex and Dorian come out of the meeting to find Maya gone. They catch up to her on the street, her destination Haley’s parents to give them Haley’s message that she’s okay. They end up being ambushed by four precision shooters. Maya’s hit and when Kennex turns out the lights of one of the shooters, the other three scarper. When Kennex removes the mask, he’s looking down at a very familiar face. Kennex fills Maldonado in on the Avery clone attack and the Captain is fixated on Avery getting away. Maya wakes up in the hospital to Dorian watching over her. After calling her lucky, she shares with him her not too lucky past. Her folks dying in a car wreck, getting the cerebellex procedure to talk to them, their house burning down while she was in recovery. The universe hasn’t been too kind to her. Though she’s able to talk to dead people now, she’s unable to talk to those who matter most.

Kennex calls Rudy, still trying to figure out how the clones found out their location. Rudy confirms the MX destroyed earlier at the safe house had its police com hijacked by the clones. Stahl is following the lead given by Adelaide Jones and visits Mrs. Fuller’s home. The older woman is not there and Stahl enters the premises with her MX. She ends up finding data showing babies as well as four cribs with Fuller and Avery standing over them. Further investigation of the house turns up 4 beds in the basement. She hears a shot upstairs and finds out she’s not the only one there. The remaining 3 Ethans have crashed her party and take her captive. With Stahl as leverage, they call Kennex and order the original Ethan to be released or Stahl dies. They just want their family back, a sentiment Stahl scoffs out. The spokesman of the group asks her “how far would you go to save yourself?” The trussed up detective doesn’t have an answer.

Detective Stahl tied up and used as leverage by the Ethans

Kennex and the others are in a tough position. He wants to release Avery and Paul knows they can’t. Maldonado makes the call and, using Rudy’s know-how, stages a plan. With Rudy doing his technological wizardry in the back of a police van as Dorian and Kennex step outside, Maldonado walks down the halls of the station with Avery in hand. The Ethans don’t know it but the original is nothing more than a hologram. When a couple of birds fly through the image, all hell breaks loose and shots are fired all over and things take on the believability of a G.I. Joe episode, where the bad guys can’t hit water if they jumped out of a boat in the middle of the ocean. It’s three steps down from the usually high quality firefights seen in other episodes but things do get interesting when, during their retreat, the clones van is upended by Dorian’s shoryuken uppercut. The van predictably goes up in flames.

Things end with Maya testifying, Maldonado getting the last laugh as she tears down Avery’s wishes on building an immortal legacy, and Dorian offering Maya what she’s wanted for so long; a way to speak to her parents. Late night at the precinct, Kennex and Stahl share a drink as they watch the end of the soccer game. Several aspects of Maya’s prediction come to light and Kennex can only marvel at how the universe seems to work things out.

More Than Human

  • It was quite interesting the bond Dorian formed through the episode with Maya. Unlike most of his kind, Dorian seems as if he does ponder his origins, the why behind his creation. Helping Maya connect with a past she thought was out of sight further signifies his connection to humanity.
  • After hinting at the attraction in the second episode, something is finally developing between Stahl and Kennex. While their chemistry is very good, things can’t be made too easy for them. Maybe a certain ex along with her new Syndicate affiliation, despite both being conspicuously absent since the premiere, will make things a bit tougher for our would-be lovers.
  • It was good to see Maldonado get her time to shine but her focus to bring Avery down seemed to be missing something. This wasn’t just a woman that wanted to see a killer get his comeuppance; there was something very personal about the Avery-Maldonado confrontation at the prison—a wonderfully crafted scene, by the way—that never seemed to be fully developed. It took away from what could have been a much more emotionally resonating finale.