Javier Gullón's Short Story N Is Heading To The Big Screen

There are plenty of novels which make their way into being feature films, but unless your name is Stephen King, it is rare that your short stories would get the same treatment. However, writer Javier Gullón (‘Aftermath’,’Enemy’) can now also make that claim as New Regency will be adapting his short story ‘N’ with a big screen adaptation. Not only will it end up as a film but there are rumblings of franchise potential about the story. While no director is set to tackle the film, we do know that See-Saw’s Iain Canning and Emile Sherman and Pacific View’s Peter Dealbert will be producing it with Gullón writing the script. Fox is set to handle worldwide distribution for the feature.

The deal had at least six bidders trying to snag the rights for either a cinematic release or as an ongoing television series. Gullón eventually ended up preferring a feature film be the direction that this adaptation will go.

As to what the short story is about that captured so much interest?

A small group of journalists are invited to a remote location on the South Island of New Zealand to witness a scientific discovery in DNA that seemingly will change the course of history. What could go wrong? The journalists find themselves forced to confront an experiment that could threaten the human race. One female journalist is left to fend for herself, alter the course of the future and escape alive against all odds.

It isn’t entirely clear from the description if this will end up more firmly grounded in horror over science fiction or how this will end up as an ongoing franchise.

Are you interested in ‘N’ after reading the rough description of the story above? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood