If you’ve ever watched NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’, you know that some of the fittest contestants from around the world gather to test their mettle against the notoriously difficult obstacle course.  Many try.  Most fail.  And that’s under normal circumstances.  Most competitors show up in workout garb, mostly shorts and tank tops.

But one competitor showed up in the most outlandish fashion possible, a cumbersome inflatable T-Rex costume!  And while he didn’t best the obstacle course, he made it remarkably far wearing something that most people can barely walk in!

There’s not much to say, so just check out the video for yourself below!


As you can tell, the commentators played along with the gag and were impressed with the competitor’s strength and agility on such tasks as the Big Dipper and Block Run.  Sadly, the Spin Cycle got the best of the dino, sending him splashing down into the waiting pool below.

But, once again, most people can’t make it all the way even in form-fitting spandex.  So Kudos to this person for doing as well as he did in this cumbersome getup!

Though not every episode features inflatable dinosaur suits, it can still be pretty entertaining.  ‘American Ninja Warrior’ airs on NBC Monday nights at 8pm Eastern/Pacific.

How well do you think you could do on the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ course?