Sometimes being bad can be so good… and if that’s the case, what happens if you’re Wicked?  The producers of ‘Once Upon A Time’ have already teased that they were introducing the infamous Oz villain, the Wicked Witch of the West when the show returns from its winter hiatus.  Now we know that the part will be played by ‘Lost’ actress Rebecca Mader, who’d already been revealed to be joining the cast in a “top secret” role.

This makes an interesting addition, as ‘The Wizard of Oz’ isn’t a typical fairy tale, but Disney actually has a lengthy history with the property.  Walt Disney actually planned to animate the tale back in 1938.  It would have been only the second full-length animated movie from the studio, following ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’.  The film never came to fruition, but in 1954, Disney acquired the rights to all of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books which it planned to adapt on its TV series ‘Disneyland’.  Once again, this never happened.  Finally, in 1985, Disney produced an Oz project, the live action movie ‘Return to Oz’ which was marketed as a follow up to the classic MGM movie.  But the film was too dark for young children and was a box office failure, but has since become a cult classic.  Disney once again entered the world of Oz, when they made ‘The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz’ when the studio had the rights to Jim Henson’s beloved felt characters.

The Wicked Witch has been on quite a roll lately!  The most famous depiction was, of course, Margaret Hamilton’s nightmarish take in the MGM ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  In addition to the famous book and Broadway musical ‘Wicked’, Mila Kunis recently embodied the part in the Disney prequel ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’.  And the character recently popped up on the ‘Supernatural’ episode ‘Slumber Party’.  Warner Brothers, who currently owns the rights to the MGM movie, at one point was developing a trio of Oz films including a non-musical remake of the original.  (BAD IDEA!!!)  And The CW and CBS are both developing Oz dramas!

And now the Wicked Witch of the West will be soaring into Storybrook.  Check out Rebecca Mader in full make up and costume:

They’re apparently going with a sexier approach to the character.  Even Mila Kunis’ version had prosthetics to ugly her up a little.  In addition, the producers have announced that Mader’s character will not be Elphaba (from ‘Wicked’) or Theodora (Kunis’ part), but will be a new take.

Are you looking forward to seeing this emerald enchantress joining the fable world of ‘Once Upon A Time’?

Source EW