“We don’t believe,  We only fear.” 

Fear and superstition have handicapped culture throughout our history and they rear their dual headed nature in this week’s ‘Grimm’ as Nick, Hank and the gang are introduced to a kid that embodies centuries of fear in the Wesen community.

Daniel gets prepared for an exorcism

After all the upheaval from his brother’s death and Adalind’s machinations, Renard is finally taking a trip overseas to Vienna. He tells Hank and Nick about it, warning them not to expect direct contact from him and keep the charade that he’s “having a wonderful time in Tahiti.” That night, two worried parents bring their son Daniel to Father Dobbs and his seminary student, Matt. Daniel’s more than worried as his parents leave him alone in the room with the Monsignor and his student. It doesn’t take long to recognize the set up for an exorcism, one that seems legitimate when the boy’s face turns vicious and, when they try chaining him to the altar, he takes out both men with ease. Hank and Nick are called to the scene and Sgt. Wu gives them details: the Monsignor is dead, the student is injured, and the boy’s missing after the attempted exorcism. Nick’s newfound Grimm powers ferret out the boy, who’s hiding inside the altar. They take him to the hospital where, after being sedated, the doctor explains to Nick that his immune system has taken a big hit. Nick questions the dad regarding his son’s change, one the father swears started about a year ago, out of the blue, exhibiting the violence and mood swings. Nick wonders if the boy is Wesen, somehow unknown to the parents.

Renard finally arrives in Vienna, picked up at the airport by a confidant. The Confidant gives him a breakdown on the political maneuverings since Eric’s death. He takes Renard to a less than airy hideaway, one reminiscent of the holes Renard used to flee to with his mother when his family hunted him. Back in Portland, Monroe and Rosalee give a mini-lecture to Nick and Hank on the “birds and the bees Wesen talk”. There’s a lot of German speak but not a lot of understanding. The bottom line is that one of the parents would have to be Wesen. They get called back to the hospital as Matt has woken up; he gives them details of the attempted exorcism and the demonic claims are seemingly validated when Hank and Nick come to the aid of a screaming nurse after Daniel reacts to her attempts to draw blood. Nick shuts the room down, telling the doctor to feed and observe, nothing that could be construed as aggressive.  They put a guard in the room and, after speaking to Nick, the doctor wants the kid out of the hospital in 24 hours. In Vienna, Adalind gets a call that tells her “Your presence is requested this evening at the house” before disconnecting. Back at the shop, Nick shares the details with Rosalee and Monroe who believes this a case of Grausen. Due to the unknown nature of Grausen, the Wesen council puts a stop to any outbreak of Grausen. Rosalee is hell bent on informing the Council despite what it would mean for Daniel.

At the Wesen headquarters, Alexander gets his orders to take care of the situation by the senior council member. Nick, with the aid of Juliette, does some digging in his Grimm tomes. One particular Grimm believed it to be some type of disease and Juliette believes the uncommon nature of Grausen cases explains why it’s not understood. While Renard and his Confidant avoid assassination by the Verrat, Juliette accompanies Nick to get more information from Daniel’s parents. Their vacation through the Mideast saw Daniel catch the flu for a few days and Juliette believes it’s a very exotic bug to avoid detection. Back at the house, Juliette puts her shoes in drawer, almost in a trancelike way. She snaps out of it and tells Nick about her friend’s experience with horses that was seemingly infected by a protozoa which changed their behavior. While discussing options to help Daniel, Alexander arrives and Rosalee tells him of Daniel’s location. Monroe is not okay with it and tells Nick. When they get to the hospital, they find the knuckleheaded doctor released Daniel to his parents. Alexander hears it all (he was hiding in the hospital room’s closet) and follows them to the house when Nick, Hank and Juliette arrive, thinking they need more tests.

Adalind is escorted to see The Prince

He’s able to slip into the room but is surprised by Daniel’s actions. The little boy flees into the frigid night with Alexander on his tail. Nick catches up to the Pflichttreue and subdues him. With the father’s help, he and Juliette track down Daniel, who’s succumbing to hypothermia. Nick shows his not just good looks and Grimm, bringing up the question on body temperature and how it will affect the organism. Juliette confirms but is hesitant to go that far; Nick points out how this may be their only chance. Lucky for the kid, the parasite dies rather quickly and they hustle Daniel back to the house, making sure to get a sample of the dying parasite.

Things conclude with Adalind meeting The Prince, Renard calling for backup, and Nick giving Alexander the report on the Grausen parasite. Alexander is surprised Nick’s letting him go.

The Grimm tells the Wesen “I like to think that we live in an enlightened age, where fear does not drive belief.” Alexander produces the findings to the councilman who agrees that Nick is unlike any Grimm they’ve ever encountered. Nick documents the case for future Grimm, with the help of Juliette. All’s well that ends well…

Grimm News

  • So, who is this “Prince” Adalind was taken to? And how will his presence affect her, Renard, and the political machinations of the Royal family?
  • Something’s not quite right with Juliette. Her weird behavior with the shoes and the dazed way she answered Nick’s question about them makes me think there will be some sort of payoff sometime this season.
  • On the run with the Confidant, is Renard calling in Sebastian?
  • One disappointment is that, after Juliette doing some detective work to find Nick’s mother’s location, nothing was mentioned about her this week. Yes, they had to be focused on the boy and I understand it in that regard. But with Alexander’s arrival, one would think more questions would pop off in Nick’s head regarding his mom. Nit picky, I know, but still…

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