On the rare occasion AMC stops trying to force-feed ‘Low Winter Sun’ to its ‘Breaking Bad’- and ‘Walking Dead’-loving fans, an exciting teaser for the latter makes its way through. With only a little over a month left until the Season 4 premiere, it seems the longer behind-the-scenes and exclusive featurettes have already been released, and these short, tiny morsels may be all that are left to sustain us until October 13th. But we frothing fans don’t need much, and these pretty much hit the spot.

This first teaser is stuff we’ve already seen from the Comic-Con exclusive extended trailer, so that’s nothing new. But, hey, at least it’s still more thrilling than Michonne half-heartedly swinging at a few walkers she could easily take on any other day.

We’ve also seen this footage before, but attempting to four-wheel over a pile of zombies is always a good way to get the Halloween emotions primed. It’s also exciting to see new character Bob Stookey interacting with the principal cast.

It’s interesting from a storytelling standpoint that we have a few new and “green” characters in the mix now. A little over a year has passed in the story world, which would make one think that if a survivor has made it to this point, they’ve got the skills, knowhow, and scrappiness to keep on surviving. But when you’ve got these Woodbury residents who have led a relatively sheltered post-apocalyptic life to this point, it’s a good opportunity to make the brave look braver and the coddled still shocked and frozen when backed against the wall.

Now, I can’t tell if this teaser is just Hershel being an old man and commenting on the obvious, or if he’s talking about something really deep like “corruption” or “ennui.” No, you’re right. It’s probably zombies.

Now this teaser embodies the sort of psychological horror we love to see from a good zombie franchise! My first watch, I assumed this was one of the ex-Woodbury residence sarcastically referred to as “either asthmatic or elderly,” and I still sort of do, but they were freely welcomed into the jail. What is causing her to beg for help? Who is denying her? Is this going to be another “Rick is the law” situations, where it’s probably not a great idea to help her, and he ruthlessly shoots her down for the good of the group? Or will he be taking on more of a caring father figure role so Carl doesn’t turn out to be a psychopath, ending up helping someone in a way that will turn around and bite him later? This I’m excited for.

Only another month, guys. AMC brings back ‘Walking Dead’ season four on October 13th.

Source: Collider