Another week means another ‘Infinity’ tie-in and yet another issue that they don’t tell us what happened with Star-Lord and Thanos in the Cancerverse or how they got back. Sorry true believers, but my faith in this series is starting to wane as the great mystery keeps being teased without letting us know.

I’ll give you one more issue of getting by since this is still an ‘Infinity’ tie-in and Gamora brings it up, if not directly to Star-Lord. For the record I hate that this book is running behind with the main event and the actions in this comic having already passed.

We jump in right after the closing pages of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #8 and the Guardians are still in the fray. While I enjoyed the dialogue much more last issue, this one is all about their fight to take back the Peak from Thanos’ hordes of pirates. The jokes fell flat, the banter was off, I hate to say it but I feel like Bendis phoned this one in. If you are in the mood for action though this issue fully has you covered as there is a lot of pirates getting their collective butts kicked.

While Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon are in the thick of it helping out Abigail Brand, things aren’t looking good as the pirate reinforcements just keep flying in. Things look their worst, so Drax, Groot, and Angela jump in to help push back the pirates that are piling up outside of the station. But Gamora decides to come back and save the day. She even points out in her deciding moment that she doesn’t fully believe Star-Lord that nothing could be done about Thanos, so we know that is an issue that will be coming up again soon.

Honestly, It’s really bothering me that it hasn’t been resolved already. With a mystery like that just left dangling there it feels like the series can’t properly move forward to give us more. Yes, we’ve added Angela to the fold and the madness from ‘Infinity’ is coming to a close for now but there is too much unresolved issues to make it enjoyable right now. I’m really hoping that with the tie-in over that this series can start moving in the right direction again. It started off extremely strong, even with the unnecessary addition of Iron-Man to the cast to lure in unsuspecting new readers. Before ‘Infinity’ hit, it’s just been slowly winding down. Give us the answers to what happened in the Cancerverse and move on already!

We have Angela and whatever gets thrown at us in the next issue to keep us busy, but I hope we’re not going to be getting more filler as we transition into the next story arc. I just hope it goes back to the interest levels of the first few issues. I’d hate for one of the few universe spanning comics to go stale so soon into the series. There’s a whole galaxy that needs to be explored in preparation for the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film as well as to prepare for the true arrival of Thanos.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Francesco Francavilla