Syfy has slowly been teasing its new zombie-esque series ‘Helix’ by releasing a few cryptic teasers and photos.  The series is executive produced by Ronald D. Moore, formerly of Battlestar Galactica and stars Billy Campbell as as Doctor Alan Farragut, from the CDC who along with a team of scientists, are dispatched to an arctic research facility where a mysterious outbreak has occurred.

Now the series has received a more specific, plot-involved commercial that shows a bit more.  Namely as Neil Napier as Alan’s brother Dr. Peter Farragut seems to be one of the earliest victims of the plague.  To see more, check out the video below:

The show certainly seems to exude creepiness!  With ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story’ burning up the TV ratings, it’s natural for other networks to tap into the scary show pool.

‘Helix’ echoes several inspirations including ‘The Thing’, ‘Outbreak’ and any zombie film/TV show.  But still, it should prove intriguing and it’s a huge step up from Syfy’s movies!

What do you think?  Are you planning to tune in to ‘Helix’ when it debuts on January 10th?

Source Blastr