Bong Joon-ho’s train ride at the end of the world ‘Snowpiercer‘ might be going full speed ahead after all! Actors from the film such as Chris Evans (‘The Avengers‘, ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’) and Bong Joon-ho himself have expressed annoyance that Harvey Weinstein was going to cut 20 minutes from the film out of the US release. It looks like the outcry for science fiction and a full movie release from post-apocalyptic fans across the internet may have gotten through to Weinstein after all!

From the first trailer of the film and beyond, it’s been a hot topic for post apocalyptic fans. High quality film making combined with an original concept and some amazing actors have really grabbed the attention of lovers of the genre.

In a recent interview at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, Bong Joon-ho revealed that he had been in New York for two weeks prior to attending the festival to deal with the matter of the editing of his film. While working with Weinstein on trying to figure out what to do with the movie, Joon-ho stated:

“And the good news is that after all the speculation and comments about that 20-minute cut, and considering the original version that was released in Korea and France also will be released in Japan and Hong Kong, we have been talking a lot about keeping the original cut for the U.S. release, so what I can say is…have faith..”

While that isn’t confirmation we will be getting the full release here, it does give some hope.  While I’d love to say all of the potential fans online have rallying behind the film being fully released was the main cause of the reconsideration, it was most likely due to a combination of Joon-ho’s original cut testing higher with early audiences than Weinstein’s cut, the huge success of the film’s release in France and Korea, and the fact that the movie won Best Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography at the 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

Clearly that says something about the film in its current state.

While we wait for the final decision of what version will be shown in the US, here’s a few screen shots from the film to help with the wait:

‘Snowpiercer’ is set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system evolves on the train but a revolution brews.

Are you happy about the changes and being able to actually see the film how the director intended or were you looking forward to Weinstein’s cut version (as he does for the majority of films he imports to the US)?

‘Snowpiercer’ starring Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Ed Harris, Ewen Bremner, Octavia Spencer, Kang-ho Song, and Ko Asung.

Source: Indiewire