Even with all the hype around the ultra-stylized, violent, and bloody potential masterpiece ‘Deadpool,’ it seems there is even more uncensored fun that we will not be seeing when ‘Deadpool’ hits theaters next month. With the craziness (and somewhat arbitrary nature) of the MPAA, the filmmakers had to “tone down” many elements of the completed film in order to get their “R” rating,  which nowadays could mean anything from cutting out entire scenes, to digitally removing some blood, or even just removing one or two lines of dialogue that the MPPA felt was inappropriate. Fortunately for us, ‘Deadpool’ will be releasing a Director’s Cut when it is released to Home Video later this year, which means we will still get to see everything that the MPAA forced them to cut out.  According to co-star TJ Miler:

“But yeah, so the idea that when you see the fall director’s cut of it, that that’s going to be even more raw, that’s pretty heavy duty.”

Of course, even having an “R” rated super-hero movie was risky, so we cannot entirely blame the studio or the creative team for cow-towing to the forces of the MPAA, especially when you consider how heavily films nowadays rely on the international market to bolster tickets sales, and many of those regions have much stricter holds on what can and cannot be shown in movies, censoring themselves far more than we ever would here in the USA (especially the Chinese market, which unfortunately is where most of the overseas money is made nowadays). Luckily, ‘Deadpool’ was relatively low-budget, and can easily recoup that money with good word of mouth and a big opening weekend.

What are your thoughts on the theatrical release not being the Director’s true vision of the film? Would you rather wait for the Director’s Cut? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant