Nobody likes getting spoiled. It takes all the fun out of watching a show, reading a book, or seeing a movie. However, in my own personal life, I’ve found that staying away from ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers is one of the hardest things to do. As each season passes, more and more of my friends start reading the books and then decide to talk to me about them despite the fact that I’ve never read any of the installments of George R.R. Martin’s series that spawned the hit HBO fantasy drama. The spoilers are nearly unavoidable and now it looks like even the people involved in the show are trying to spoil things for me and everyone else who hasn’t gotten around to reading the books yet.

In a video from Esquire, actress Natalie Dormer, who plays the alluring yet scheming Margaery Tyrell, has decided to give away some of the major plot points of the upcoming season because she just couldn’t hold them in any longer:

Thanks to a few well-placed edits, the mass spoiling has a bit of a hilarious twist that’s fairly safe for everyone to watch. Although, if you can read lips, you’re a bit out of luck.

This video manages to show us a new side of Dormer. Usually, we see her play characters such as Margaery Tyrell and Ann Boleyn that don’t leave much room for comedy, but we get to see a funnier side of the actress that is gearing up to join Jennifer Lawrence in Panem for parts one and two of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’. Once again, if you actually can read lips, then this wasn’t so funny, but even you people have to admit that her Hodor impression is pretty spot on.

Do you have friends like mine that try to ruin ‘Game of Thrones’ for you because you haven’t read the books yet? Has King Joffrey’s Queen, Margaery, ruined your day or has Natalie Dormer put a smile on your face with this video? Let us know in the comment section.