With the revival of ‘Twin Peaks‘ landing later this month, the latest teaser is bringing back some familiar faces with actual footage from the show. Only the most recent teasers have actually contained shots from the upcoming series and not the original run so we’re glad that David Lynch is gracing us with what we can look forward to. Speaking of Lynch, he’s one of the familiar faces that you’re about to see!

Before I run off at the mouth, you can check the teaser right here, and we’ll get back to it after you have a chance to feast your eyes!

“It Is Happening Again” and by that I mean we’re getting a teaser which only gives us questions and not answers as to what the upcoming season is even about.

In it, we see a stop at the Sheriff’s Department with Harry Goaz’s Deputy Andy Brennan and Kimmy Robertson’s receptionist Lucy Moran making a comeback. Also, the recently deceased Miguel Ferrer is in character as Agent Albert Rosenfield with Lynch reprising his role as Agent Gordon Cole. The two look as if they are about to tussle with something though what that is will remain a mystery until at least the end of the month.

That is, of course, assuming that these clips are even from the first episode.

This is a bit of a morbid thought but as Ferrer had long battled throat cancer the idea he might not make it to the second season may have crossed the minds of the actor and famed director so it will be interesting to see if they had filmed his death on the series or will somehow give him a tribute in between seasons.

Are you looking forward to a return visit to ‘Twin Peaks’? How do you think the first season might play out? Share your thoughts below!

‘Twin Peaks’ returns on Showtime on May 21st, 2017!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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