Well it looks like bad news for fans who have been looking forward to the ‘Logan’s Run‘ reboot. The film has lost another in a long line of directors as it would appear that Nicolas Winding Refn has left the project. This is a bit offputting as the last news we had received a few months ago was that the creator of ‘BioShock’, Kevin Levine, was hired to pen the remake. When I had read that news I was excited. I was a huge fan of ‘BioShock’ and everything else Levine has put out.

Prior to that, the last thing we had heard was that Ryan Gosling was no longer attached and honestly I didn’t consider that bad news. I don’t know if he’s quite the actor for this kind of a film.

So why exactly did Refn leave and what does he think about the reboot? Here’s what he said in an interview with Twitchfilm:

“It’s dead as dead can be. It’s a great shame but I realized a couple of things. I was so in love with the original that I think I was disillusioned by the fact that if I made a remake I would be closer to the original, I would be part of the original more than any other, and I realized that that was a lie. That was illusion. It wouldn’t be like that. And also if I was going to make a $100 or $200 million movie, and trade off my creative freedom for that price, it needed to be something that was going to outweigh that loss. Because at the same time I’m very lucky to be able to make the films I make, and to exchange that for a larger canvas really needs to feel like the right swap. Logan’s Run just wasn’t it at the end.”

So ‘Logan’s Run’ is once again back to square one. The film that has already gone through multiple directors which include Bryan Singer (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’), Joseph Kosinski (‘Oblivion‘) and James McTeigue (‘V for Vendetta’). And while the news of Levine reworking the script originally written by Alex Garland (‘Dredd’), there is still hope we could see this reboot on the big screen. As for Refn, he is now being busy developing his new ‘Barbarella‘ television series.

While the original was a classic, there is so much that could be done with it if you had a great script, cast, and budget. I’m usually completely against reboots but just like ‘Carrie‘, if the right team were attached, I’d absolutely give this one a chance.

What are your thoughts? Have we gone through too many directors at this point to make this viable or since writing isn’t completed and filming not started is this not that big of a deal? Sound off below!

Source: Blastr