Fans of the ever-expanding ‘X-Men’ cinematic universe should be happy to hear that not only is ‘Gambit‘ still happening but that Channing Tatum is still playing the role of Remi LeBeau. Of course, those who weren’t the biggest fans of this casting choice might be a little annoyed at both of those details. Producer Simon Kinberg not only confirmed that but let us know when the film was quite possibly filming as well.

He was recently asked about the solo outing of everyone’s favorite mutant scoundrel and as he’s been quite happy to share details of other films as of late, had the following to say:

“Yeah, it is going to happen, and it’s just a question… Channing is, in the best possible way, as committed and as rigorous about getting the character right as Ryan was with Deadpool and as Hugh was with Logan on this movie, and so it’s been about finding a filmmaker and someone who can capture that voice and hand it off to Channing. But he’s been a really critical part of the process, and we’re hoping that the movie, probably given his schedule, will be ready to go this year and probably shoot next year.”

If that proves true, we’ll be hearing quite a bit about ‘Gambit’ later this year if it is to begin filming in 2018. Of course, the movie has been in pre-production hell for quite some time as it was initially scheduled to shoot in the Fall of 2015, and again in late 2016, with more news that it would start this year. Having lost both Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman as directors on top of that without a replacement in sight makes me wonder how much faith we should put in the 2018 statement.

At this time, I wouldn’t hold my breath. That being said, Fox is looking to boost their X-Men universe after the successes of ‘Deadpool’ and attraction to ‘Logan’ so this actually could be finally happening.

Do you think that ‘Gambit’ is finally going to happen? Are you for or against Channing Tatum for the role? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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