That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, a scribe has been found for the new Conan film and it’s now all in the hands of Andrea Berloff (‘World Trade Center’). She doesn’t currently have a lot under her belt in the way of action films and is currently writing a new take on the King Arthur myth for Disney as well as an adaptation of ‘Sleepless Night,’ a French action film. Clearly, something from these scripts has impressed Universal Pictures for signing her on for the next installment of this action classic. I won’t lie when I say that I’m always iffy on new talent taking over a pre-existing series. Even one that hasn’t been touched since the 80s (I’m not including the lackluster ‘Conan the Barbarian‘ reboot with that statement).

When talking about the pitch of the script Morgan mentioned that Andrea was “an amazing writer who can juggle masculine grittiness with extreme emotional depth. Her take on Conan is powerful and genuine and would make Robert E. Howard proud.”

It’s been a couple of months since we last heard anything about the ‘Legend of Conan.’ With the ex-Governator’s schedule being pretty busy with ‘Terminator 5‘, ‘Maggie‘, and ‘Toxic Avengers‘ already on his plate, just having a writer announced won’t seem to impact his busy work load as the film probably won’t be shot for another couple years still.

Early reports were that the ‘Legend of Conan’ would be produced by the team behind the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise as Chris Morgan was behind the idea of this new film. If anyone knows how to build an ongoing franchise in this day and age, he clearly does. I’m curious what they’ll do here to give us an ongoing series.

Now I’m even more curious to see the aging Conan in action. What are your thoughts to Arnold returning to the role that launched his career? Is this a good decision for him or are his returns to both the ‘Terminator’ franchise and this one just an aging actor grasping at straws?

Source: Deadline.