Stephen Amell already stars as Oliver Queen on The CW’s hit ‘Arrow.’  Now his cousin, Robbie is set to headline the new show ‘The Tomorrow People’ which will be airing after ‘Arrow’ on Wednesdays this fall, beginning on October 9th.  Taking advantage of the familial connection, the network has released a new promo featuring the pair.

The network has also created a Twitter account for “Amell Wednesdays” or “Amellsday” as Robbie calls it in the clip.  (“I don’t think the network’s actually going to go for that,” Stephen replies.)

The eager newcomer also rattles off words like “Amell-tastic,” “Amell-erific,” “Amell-icitement” and of course “Amell-istmas.”

Check it out for yourself below:

While not revealing anything about the upcoming season of either show, the clip is certainly cute.  Is the family connection enough to make you tune in to both shows?  Or is one Amell enough?  (Psh!  As if!)

Will you be tuning in to The CW on “Amell Wednesdays” (or “Amellsday”)?  Also, Merry Amell-istmas!

Source THR