With little over a month until we finally get to see what Warner Bros and David Ayers have been cooking up for the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie, many are surprised at the amount of secrecy the film is still shrouded in, especially in the digital age of spoilers and rumors. Most especially, a lot of fans are wondering just who exactly is the villain that the Suicide Squad members are uniting to face. Originally it was thought that Leto’s the Joker would be the main big bad, and then it was though that the Enchantress might be the villain. Now, new rumors are out, and though the enemy may not be entirely clear yet, we have some clues to follow.

First of all, the henchmen we have been seeing the team fight in the film’s trailers are called the Eyes of the Adversary, according to producers Richard Suckle and Andy Horowitz, and that the scary creatures arose from a nightmare dream from director David Ayers. When describing one of the henchmen as seen in the trailer, Suckle said the following:

“As you can tell, it’s not a guy… that’s probably a good way to describe it. And they play a very important role in this movie and is something that G-Squad has to contend with. I don’t think it’s anything you ever, for sure, have seen. That image, that idea, is something that David… I remember when he came into the office at Warner’s because we were discussing, ‘What are these things going to look like that the Squad has to come up against?’ He was like, ‘I had a dream last night. Let me draw it for you.’ We were literally on a white board and he drew this head with these circular… You want to call them eyes, whatever they may be, and he drew it. It’s almost verbatim, honestly… That is exactly what he came up with.”

So how does this lead to what we know about the villain of the film now? Apparently he is being referred to as the ‘Adversary,’ and he is in charge of the mindless “Eyes” that attack the squad. According to Ayers and the producers, the Adversary has elements of magic, religion and mythology in him, and harkens back to source ‘Suicide Squad’ comics done by creator John Ostrander. Ayers final words on the big bad were as follows:

“The backbone of this story is right out of canon and it’s one comic book. I’m not going to say which one… eventually people might figure it out.”

So…. yeah. We still have no idea who the main villain of ‘Suicide Squad’ is, although I am sure there are some great theories out there, especially for those who know the ‘Suicide Squad’ comics well. Do you have any guesses as to whom the team will be going up against? Share your theories in the comments section below!

Source: Cinemablend

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