Last year, Marvel rolled out its ‘Marvel NOW!’ initiative which saw the launch of brand new titles and fresh jumping on points for others.  Though not a drastic reboot like DC’s ‘New 52’, the move was intended as a fresh start meant to appeal to new and lapsed readers.  Also, unlike ‘The New 52’, not every book relaunched in one month.  Rather, Marvel rolled out a few new titles and/or relaunches over the course of several months.  The move appears to have mostly been successful, so they’re back at it, just a year later with ‘All-New Marvel NOW!’

Jumping on books will feature a special numbering with the suffix “.NOW.”  Kicking the program off in December will be ‘Avengers’ #24.NOW.  “If you haven’t been reading Hulk or Captain America or Thor, here’s a spot where you can start clean and get on board,” Marvel’s executive editor Tom Brevoort explained.

So far, just four new books have been announced.  The first two will debut in January 2014, ‘All-New Invaders’ #1 and ‘Inhuman’ #1.  In addition, Black Widow and Silver Surfer will also be getting a new series.  Editor-In-Chief, Axel Alonso stated, “Our catalog rolls deep.  It’s giving people fresh new voices, breathing new life into characters that quite frankly just deserve their own spotlight.”

Every first issue of ‘All-New Marvel NOW!’ will feature a code for a free digital copy and certain select issues will include a code for the entire first digital collection of that title, absolutely free!

Here are the official announcements for the first two books.  First ‘All-New Invaders’ #1:

From Eisner Award-Winning writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh comes a bold reimagining of your favorite Marvel Heroes. Brothers-in-arms Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Namor, and the original Human Torch re-band for an all-new, all-different kind of war! But when the Kree Empire discovers a way to weaponize Norse Gods, can these timeless allies survive the deadly cosmic trenches? Find out as Marvel’s most enduring icons take to the stars in ALL-NEW INVADERS #1!

Then, ‘Inhuman’:

Creators Matt Fraction and Joe Maduiera thrust the Inhumans into the spotlight as the newest power players in the entire Marvel Universe! Unfolding out of the cataclysmic events of INFINITY, new Inhumans spring up around the globe forcing the once-secret society out into civilization! With Avengers-level powers and abilities, will they chose to stand with Earth’s Mightiest…or against them? As the chaos consumes the globe, discover the fate of King Black Bolt and his royal family as the world becomes Inhuman!

Here is a short introduction that was part of Marvel’s official announcement:

The most popular characters. The most acclaimed creators. The most ambitious stories. This is the recharged All-New Marvel NOW!

This Winter, the Marvel Universe heads in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry’s top creators like Brian Michael Bendis, Rick Remender, Dan Slott, Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen and more join the top super heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and others, to deliver  the best comics on the market with all-new ongoing series, and must-read .NOW entry #1 issues for all readers!

Are you looking forward to these new series?  Are there any books that you’ve been meaning to check out, that you might be jumping onto?  Or do you think Marvel is going back to the same well once too often?  Leave a comment below!