Get ready to kneel!  After returning to prominence in this summer’s hit movie ‘Man of Steel‘, Superman’s Kryptonian nemesis General Zod is back, usurping the hero’s series ‘Action Comics’ for his ‘Villains Month’ one-shot.  With the Justice League supposedly dead and the Crime Syndicate taking over the planet in the ‘Forever Evil’ miniseries, the DC Comics universe has been given over to the bad guys.

The majority of these have been origin stories, revealing or embellishing the origins of these criminals in the New 52.  Unfortunately, the results have been a mixed bag with many readers feeling that these stories come across as nothing but filler, place holders until the heroes get back.  Having only read a few issues so far, none of the ones I read have been poor.  (Can’t say that for poor Ben who didn’t like ‘The Joker’ at all!)  In fact, the ‘Deadshot’ issue was actually pretty good.  Even so, I can’t say I won’t be happy to see the good guys eventually take their proper places in the limelight.

But for now, we get to learn the secrets of Zod’s past, under the care of his scientist parents.  Zod is actually a fledgling character in the New 52, having not yet encountered Superman, so presumably this issue will set up that first meeting.  No word on whether neck-snapping will ensue.

Check out this preview featuring a story by Greg Pak with art by Ken Lashley:

Pretty interesting!  Things don’t look so good, but of course we know Zod survives this encounter.  I like the science fiction/monster idea though and will be interested to see if that is a running theme in this story.

What do you think of ‘Villains Month’ so far?  Are you enjoying exploring the dark side?  Will you be picking this issue up?
‘Action Comics #23.2/Zod #1’ hits stores this Wednesday September 11.

Source: THR