Last week, the rumor mill was busier than ever when it came to ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. The internet was completely buzzing when the notion that ‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch would be rejoining director J.J. Abrams for his next movie in a galaxy far, far away. Word even surfaced about the actor potentially playing a Sith Lord, but his reps were quick to squash any and all rumors regarding the next chapter in the Lucasfilm franchise. Now, the man himself addresses the rumors, and squashes them as well, while still giving a tiny bit of hope that he may be involved.

While appearing at the Toronto International Film Festival, Cumberbatch spoke with The Telegraph about his new movie ‘The Fifth Estate’, in which he plays WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He also spoke a little on his involvement in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ movie. In the past, he mentioned his great love for the films and his enthusiasm to be a part of the new installment. Here he reiterates that sentiment and potentially hints at where he is on achieving that goal:

“Of course I’d love to do ‘Star Wars’ and work with JJ Abrams again because we had such a good time on ‘Star Trek’,” he says. “But nobody has been cast and there are no offers out to anyone apart from the regulars who are returning. So that’s that rumor quashed.” Then he adds with a grin: “We’ll have to wait and see.”

One way to look at that statement is that Cumberbatch is in talks to appear in the next ‘Star Wars’ and he simply hasn’t been made an offer yet. If that’s the case, then we know that he’s at least spoken to Abrams or Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy or someone connected to the project about joining. But then again, he could also mean that he’s only heard that the returning stars are the only ones who have been contacted so far and that he hopes to be offered a role when casting commences.

Either way, don’t get your hopes up just yet for Cumberbatch joining the cast of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. I suggest waiting on an official word before jumping for joy over this news. But if he does end up landing a role, how would you feel about that? Are you in favor of the fan favorite actor joining the franchise? Let us know in the comments.