We’re only a month and a half out from the season four premiere of ‘The Walking Dead,‘ and The Hollywood Reporter is preying on fans’ growing excitement as the days count down by releasing some teaser facts (or spoilers, depending on how much of a purist you are) for the coming season ahead.

Many are optimistic about the new reign of Scott Gimple as showrunner, who was the writer on such fan-favorite episodes as ‘Pretty Much Dead Already,’ which heartbreakingly tied up the half-season-long Sophia storyline, and ‘Clear,’ which heartbreakingly led Rick to his friend Morgan back in their hometown. And if ‘Game of Thrones’ or anything Joss Whedon touches are any indication, fans are all a little masochistic and eat up healthy portions of heartbreak for breakfast when their favorite shows do it right.

In the exclusive, Gimple promises to be so true to the comic he loves, an upcoming episode is brought to life onscreen almost verbatim to its graphic novel counterpart.

Any good season finale changes the dynamic of the characters’ worlds so severely, there’s going to be a lot healing needed, for good and for sad. Repercussions from Andrea’s death are likely to set Michonne reeling, and Carl has gone from refusing to stay in the house to shooting people who look at him funny point blank in the head, so it’ll be interesting to see if these loose canons can be de-fused. On a potentially positive note, the inclusion of the ex-Woodbury residents into the prison is sure to add firepower, support, and interesting character dynamics, but fans fingers are crossed so hard they’re in danger of falling off that dissension in the ranks isn’t simply added for dissension’s sake. The crew was just getting used to taking Rick’s leadership requests as gospel, and he very much doesn’t need an asthmatic grandmother questioning whether they really should look for supplies or kill a community member who is very obviously a murdering rapist.

The most interesting part of the article was the mention of the new threat that was mentioned in a behind-the-scenes featurette, which Scott Gimple expands on here.

“It’s someone we haven’t seen before. Someone unusual; you can’t stab them in the face, you can’t reason with it. It’s a force that would be dangerous in this world and in the world of The Walking Dead, it’s terrifying.”

Read all 14 teaser facts on The Hollywood Reporter, but there are some light comic spoilers mentioned.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on October 13th.