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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information that may be considered SPOILERS for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7.  Proceed with caution.

It may still be hot as blazes (at least in some places), but the networks are teasing the new fall TV schedule and the hottest show on TV, AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ will be coming back from its biggest cliffhanger ever.  Season 6 ended with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s introduction as bad guy Negan.  After a gripping monologue, Negan played a game of “eenie meanie miny moe” before deciding which of the main cast to murder, by bashing in their skull with his barb wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille.

A series of eleven new clips has been released which tease “Who Will Meet Lucille?”  These clips are from the UK which is why they all say the show airs on FOX.  The trailers gather footage from previous seasons and offer no clue as to which cast member was killed.  In fact, each one teases that EVERY character might be the victim.

In the comics, it was Glenn who died, but it’s all but a given that the show will mix it up and kill off someone else.  Even so, Glenn (Stephen Yeun) is among those that were gathered at the end of that last infamous episode.  But since he is probably the safest, let’s start with his teaser:

Also among those gathered was Carl (Chandler Riggs), but… psh yeah it’s not him either, so here’s his clip:

We also know the victim isn’t the star of the show, Rick (Andrew Lincoln).  But he gets a teaser too:

As for the rest?  Here we go:

Aaron (Ross Marquand):

Abraham (Michael Cudlitz):

Daryl (Norman Reedus):

Eugene (Josh McDermitt):

Maggie (Lauren Cohan):

Michonne (Danai Gurira):

Rosita (Christian Serratos):

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green):

Fans have noticed a subtle clue sprinkled through the last few episodes of Season 6 that likely indicate who the actual victim was:


Plus a large chunk of the cast has already been spied shooting subsequent episodes, but I won’t discuss that any further.

Who do you think met Lucille?

Source: Den of Geek