With most shows entering their mid-season hiatuses this time of year, the experts are starting to make predictions about what could stick around on our television sets. In term of science fiction/fantasy television, few networks have more programming than The CW. However, it looks like the audiences just aren’t tuning in and that could mean their demise.

According to TV By The Numbers, the chances of ‘The Tomorrow People’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ being renewed for another season are very slim. Of the two, the remake of the 70s British show featuring superpowered youth has a better chance of returning despite it’s mixed reviews and low ratings. I guess the other Amell cousin just isn’t as much of a draw as the one on ‘Arrow’, even though the abs may run in the family.

As for the modern day fairy tale procedural, it’s pulling in the worst ratings on the entire network with its second season. However, if enough rookie shows fail, there’s a small chance that they’d keep it around to have something to air on Fridays. To be honest, I thought it had already been cancelled since I haven’t heard a single thing about it since they cast Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan as the leads, so it’s even surprising to find out that it’s actually got more than one season.

Even if The CW loses these two genre shows, they definitely won’t have a shortage of that type of programming. Besides DC Comics’ Emerald Archer getting everyone talking, the network still has ‘Supernatural’, ‘The Originals’, and ‘Vampire Diaries’, which are all fan favorites that don’t look like they’ll be disappearing any time soon.

Would you be upset to see ‘The Tomorrow People’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ get cancelled? Are you surprised that they’re even on the chopping block or did you see it coming from a mile away? Sound off in the comments.