Famed ‘Harry Potter’ scribe J.K. Rowling sat down with ‘Good Morning America’ to discuss her work and answered one burning question:  Which character from the Harry Potter franchise does she miss the most?  Check out her response below:

It does make sense.  Dumbledore is essentially the heart and soul of the series.  (Which makes it especially sad since he dies in the last book!)

As Rowling states:

“I have considered world leaders who may benefit from some of his calm wisdom, but finally decided that there is only one person I think should meet Dumbledore – and it’s me. Because above all of the other characters in the Harry Potter series, he is the one I miss the most. I always say that I feel like I wrote Dumbledore from the back of my head. Sometimes he said things and told Harry things, that I only knew that I knew…when I saw that I had written them down in the voice of Dumbledore. He was the character that was hardest to leave for me.”

(Then perhaps don’t kill him!)

What do you think?  Who was YOUR favorite character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series?  Comment below!

Source: MuggleNet