Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios have announced a new multiplayer entry in the  Microsoft-exclusive ‘Fable’ series titled ‘Fable Legends.’

Co-operative play in the land of Albion has been available to players since its inclusion in ‘Fable 2’, but the experience was always rather limited. Lionhead Studios is looking to change that with ‘Fable Legends’, having built the entire game around the concept of multiplayer. This time, however, you are not simply limited to two players exploring the world and collecting loot. Legends allows five players to play together, four of which take on the role of hero while gets to the play the part of the villain.

Upon the game’s release, players will have a multitude of different heroes to play as, though the most recent preview only revealed four. Each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Winter, a female magician, has special abilities and spells that can be used to slow enemies down or even freeze them in place, allowing for a warrior-type to smash them into pieces. You’ll find the typical archetypes of tank, healer, mage, and more here, and playing to your party’s strengths will be key to victory.

The player taking on the role of villain, however, plays the game much more like a traditional dungeon master. They’ll choose the monster that the party of heroes will face, where they will spawn, and will even decide when to unleash the big, powerful boss. ‘Fable Legends’ is truly built from the ground up for multiplayer, and while those who wish to play alone will find the AI taking control of other characters, Lionhead is strongly recommending playing this one with friends.

While there is no Fable IV on the horizon, ‘Fable Legends’ will still give long-time fans a deeper look into the already well-established lore. Legends serves as a prequel series, set 400 years before the original game, during a time where the legends and myths that have been passed down to the inhabitant of Albion are still paving their way into history. Of course, the classic ‘Fable’ humor will be making a return, complete with quirky characters and a full range of emotes.

No estimated release date has been given as of yet, but will have more updates as they come.