It seems that the genius of JRR Tolkien is still being released into the world, even though  the man passed out of this world quite some time ago. In 2o17 we will be getting a new book that takes place in the world of Middle Earth, ‘Beren and Luthien,’ which will help fill in one of the many many gaps left in the history of the expansive world that Tolkien created over a century ago. Purists need not worry that some fanboy has come in and taken over his legacy however, as it is Tolkien’s son, Christopher, himself a respectable 91 years old, who is continuing his father’s legacy, working from his father’s notes and manuscripts, so in the end, most of what we will see are words that Professor Tolkien himself did write. After all, a good portion of the story of Beren and Luthien has already been laid out in the epic ‘Silmarillion’ tome that Professor Tolkien released, which is basically a massive history book detailing thousands of years of backstory for the world of Middle Earth.

For those unaware, Beren and Luthien are a human man and female elf that fell in love and lived about 6500 years before the events of the ‘Lord of the Rings’, whose story is echoed by Aragorn and Arwen. They fall into a non-traditional love that is not suppose to work because of how different their races are, and Luthien ends up choosing a mortal life to be with Beren, after braving many dangers at his side, including a daring quest to reclaim one of the lost Silmarils of the Elves, which had been stolen from them by the source of all evil in Middle Earth, the dark Lord Morgoth (who is basically the more-evil precursor to Sauron).

Hopefully the book can live up to the hype and be worthy of being added to the canon of the other books of Middle Earth, as the characters involved are near and dear to the hearts of many of the fans, who are therefore very excited that a new Tolkien book is coming out in the near future.

Source: Inverse

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