The fifth episode of the second season of ‘Arrow‘ bears the title “The Demon’s Head,” which, if you’re familiar with DC Comics, is the English translation of the Arabic name of Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul.  Does this mean that the immortal eco-terrorist will be visiting Starling City?

Seeds were planted last season, when Malcolm Merlyn mentioned training in Nanda Parbat, the fictional region where Ra’s Al Ghul is based in the comics.

The official description of the episode doesn’t mention the villain however.  Instead, it mentions “Awwal who is a Dark Archer, trained by Merlyn and [who] is after Lisa.”  Lisa is a new love interest for Oliver this season.  She is described as “a mysterious woman with a tragic past.  She will wreak havoc on Oliver’s heart and is equal to Oliver in every way.”  Does this mean she is somehow trained by the League of Assassins?

With Deathstroke and Deadshot already having appeared and with Bronze Tiger on the way, it would certainly make sense for Ra’s Al Ghul to appear eventually.  Could Lisa be a pseudonym for Talia, Ra’s daughter?  How would you feel  about having these Batman villains recast as Green Arrow’s?  Comment below!