There was a lot of buzz a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that NBC had green lit a pilot order for ‘The Munsters’ reboot. Now it looks like director Bryan Singer is on board to direct and executive produce that pilot.

This isn’t Singer’s first foray in television. He directed the pilot episode of the Fox network show ‘House’ and continues to serve as it’s executive producer. He also executive produced/directed the pilot for ABC’s ‘Football Wives’ and served as the executive producer on ABC’s ‘Dirty Sexy Money.’

Singer seems to be a good choice to direct this 1 hour drama version of ‘The Munsters’ and it’s been said that he’s been interested in the project even before it got the pilot commitment order from NBC. Oftentimes, when a feature film director directs something on the small screen, it brings a more impressive element to that episode. Singer definitely has the capability to do this with ‘The Munsters.’

Singer will be sharing the executive producer hat with Bryan Fuller who also wrote the pilot. This project is a long time coming as Fuller originally developed ‘The Munsters’ last season and had to redevelop it for NBC’s new executive team over the summer. This “’Modern Family’ meets ‘True Blood’” version of ‘The Munsters’ obviously hit the right spot as the pilot order came though just as he submitted the new script earlier this month.

I’m pretty excited to see what comes out of this pairing as I was a big fan of the black and white version of the show. Maybe it will be able to answer some questions I’ve always wondered such as how does a vampire and a Frankenstein produce a werewolf child? That’s some freaky Mendel genetics going on! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long before seeing ‘The Munsters’ on air.