With ‘Cable and X-Force’ #11 focusing on Domino and Boom Boom I figured we’d get a variety of team ups before everyone got back together and busted Cable out of Avengers jail. I was right (though not to the extent that I was thinking of in my review of the last issue). This issue has Domino and Colossus working together. If this keeps up we’ll soon be getting a title change to Domino and X-Force!

With Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin, I mean Colossus, still pining over Domino he is able to sneak into a ‘black’ security area that has a vault which holds money and items from super villains and tyrants all over the world. Sounds easy? It actually surprisingly is until he has to break into the vault itself and he has no experience in such things. He uses his powers to strengthen up and with his body covered in metal starts beating on the vault’s door.

Which doesn’t accomplish anything.

Apparently they’ve recently reinforced it with vibranium and now he isn’t able to beat through it. Thankfully the plan isn’t a total waste as Domino takes this opportunity to show up and pick the lock.

They open the door and take out the artifact they are there to destroy right as it triggers and unleashes a mini-Hell on Earth scenario. Only we quickly find out it’s not so mini. While we see Colossus and Domino bantering back and forth about their relationship with demons, the comic shifts.

Flashing forward to the future we see Hope and Lady Stryfe and suddenly the ruined world surrounding them makes sense. When we finally come to see more who are ‘living’, we see that they are similar to the demons that Colossus and Domino are fighting. As they start to fight the demons in the future, Lady Stryfe explains that the present can’t be fixed here but has to be fixed in the past. (Hey this sounds like more time traveling nonsense like what’s going to be happening in the ‘Battle of the Atom’ that’s coming up across x-Titles everywhere!)

As Domino is able to take out the lead demon and Colossus insisting they will talk more about their relationship, we see the future post apocalyptic world slightly shift. It’s still a ruined landscape but now? There are no demons everywhere.

When they enter a bunker that looks vaguely familiar Hope asks how this could have happened. Lady Stryfe responds that they are the ones who are responsible for inducing their father’s visions of the future in order to prevent the world they now find themselves in.

Wait did I say ‘their’ father? Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen the overly obvious happens as Lady Stryfe pulls off her helmet and reveals that she is an older version of Hope!

How was the future worse without this interference? Why is Hope wearing armor that matches her father’s hateful clone? When is the team going to get back together? We’ll hopefully get the answers to all of that and more in the next issue of ‘Cable and X-Force’!


Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Salvador Larroca