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‘The Originals’ may have been cancelled by The CW, but its stars don’t seem to be moving far.  Riley Voelkel is the second ‘Originals’ star to migrate to ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, the upcoming science fiction series based on the book ‘Roswell High’ by Carina Adly MacKenzie.  Voelkel, who played Freya Mikaelson on ‘The Originals’, will be assuming the role of policewoman Cameron, next to her current co-star Nathan Parsons (Jackson Kenner on ‘The Originals’), who will portray Max.  Cameron is described as being “quick-witted” and “scrappy, sexy, and cool.”  She is also listed as a “realist” that can handle whatever life throws her way.

‘The Originals’ was a spin-off from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and Michael Trevino who played Tyler Lockwood on that series, is also part of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ on which he will portray Kyle Valenti.  The series will focus on Liz Ortecho, portrayed by Jeanine Mason.  Parson’s Max was her childhood crush but has built up a wall around himself.  Liz is the daughter of undocumented immigrants, which will play a large role in the story.

In 1999, ‘Roswell High’ was used as the basis for the TV series ‘Roswell’ which aired on The WB and then UPN.  Those two networks eventually merged into The CW, so it’s this remake is something of a homecoming.  The character Liz was interpreted as Liz Parker on the older series and was played by Shiri Appleby.  Max was played by Jason Behr on that series.  Though there is a character named Cameron in the books, this character did not appear in the old TV adaptation.  The cast of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ also includes Tyler Blackburn as Alex, Tsailii Rogers as Helena and Michael Vlamis as Michael.

The CW is holding ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ until mid-season to debut.  That means it will be some time in 2019 before we’ll be seeing this series.

Are you a fan of the books?  Are you glad to get a new adaptation?

Source: Entertainment Weekly