Ever wonder why Crispin Glover, a.k.a. George McFly, wasn’t in the two sequels to the classic movie ‘Back to the Future?’  Rumors have swirled around his mysterious absence since the films’ releases with every explanation in the book attributed, from “he wanted too much money” to “he got weird and wanted to pursue more serious projects.”  Well, after decades, the eccentric actor has finally broken his silence and revealed the truth.  He simply didn’t like the way the first movie ended.

Specifically, he took offense to the perceived message that happiness seemed to be equated to wealth:

“It all pointed toward this idea that happiness was about wealth. It made me really uncomfortable; what I was wearing, holding a tennis racket. I did it because I thought I was going to get fired, but I vocalized that I didn’t think this was a good idea and there may have even been some commentary on the Blu-ray where they’re like, ‘Oh Crispin didn’t like his clothes.’ I didn’t care about the clothes — I cared about the message!”

However, speaking of money, Glover also points out that he was offered less than half of what Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFy) and Tom Wilson (Biff Tanner) were offered to reprise his role.  Once Glover passed on the part, the producers brought in a different actor to play George McFly, prompting Glover to sue, claiming that he would have played the role differently.

View the full video of Glover on the Opie and Andy radio show below, in which he goes into greater depth as to his lawsuit and lack of involvement in the sequels.

What do you think?  Should Glover have swallowed his pride and done the sequels?  Or do you support his stance?  Comment below!

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