The announcement of a new ‘Star Wars: Battlefront‘ game at this year’s E3 came as a huge surprise, especially when it was revealed to be in development by Battlefield developer DICE.

The short teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement held almost no information about the game, and publisher EA has been tight-lipped about what we can expect from the upcoming game. Finally, during a recent stockholder meeting held by Electronic Arts, it was revealed that ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ may see a release as soon as 2015, sometime around the release of the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’.

DICE’s ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ marks the first entry in the series since 2009’s ‘Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron’, and the first console release in the series since 2005’s ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’. For those unfamiliar with the game, the ‘Battlefront’ series is very similar to the ‘Battlefield’ franchise, thrusting players into galactic warfare via first-person and third-person combat. Players fight to capture command points across maps themed on famous locales in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, using various weapons and vehicles to achieve victory. Space combat also played an integral role in the gameplay, which was heavily focused on multiplayer.

Given the success of the ‘Battlefield’ franchise, DICE seems to be the perfect studio to tackle ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’, which is set to be released on PC and next-generation consoles.