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Fans of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ are in for a treat, as the series is returning via Disney+ this Friday.  And ahead of that, a new clip has been released in which viewers will get a glimpse of a group of characters that may wind up being fan-favorites.  Meet “The Bad Batch,” also known as Clone Force 99, a group of “defective” Clones with “desirable mutations.”  But even with their faults, these baddies have a 100% success rate.  A version of The Bad Batch has appeared previously on ‘The Clone Wars’, but this is the “final” version of the group.

In the previous episodes, The Bad Batch were led by Clone Sergeant Hunter and consisted of Crosshair, Tech, and Wrecker.  This new iteration of the group may be the same, as their faces aren’t really shown.  The one character whose face is revealed, (Hunter?) looks much different than before.  Judging by an earlier released trailer, it seems the newer version of these roughnecks will have a pretty sizeable role in the upcoming season.


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Check out Clone Force 99 in this new clip:


Here is a trailer that includes Clone Force 99, and explains that they have been brought on to slip behind enemy lines.  George Lucas previously divulged that Clone Force 99 was his vision of ‘The Dirty Dozen’.  Dave Filoni, Brent Friedman, and Matt Michnovetz then fleshed the characters out.  Thanks to their mutations, they are unique individuals with appearances and voices that deviate from the standard Clones.


There will be 12 episodes of the seventh and final season of ‘The Clone Wars’.  Filoni, who has since moved into the live-action side of ‘Star Wars’ thanks to ‘The Mandalorian’, is back to oversee the new episodes of ‘The Clone Wars’.


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The new episodes begin rolling out on Friday on Disney+.  Like all other Disney+ shows, the episodes will be doled out one-per-week.

Are you excited for the return of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’?


Source: Deadline