Man of Steel‘ director Zach Snyder delighted fans with the surprise announcement at SDCC that the sequel to ‘MoS’ would actually feature the cinematic return of Batman.  Snyder then had ‘MoS’ actor Harry Lennix read from the legendary graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, the futuristic take on a retired Batman who must return to action to save a corrupt Gotham City and in the process finds himself facing off against his former ally the Man of Steel.  “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come… In your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

Apparently, Snyder is very inspired by this particular work and is set to sit down with the writer/artist responsible for it, Frank Miller, to discuss how to approach the upcoming film.  Though the film will not be a direct adaptation of Miller’s work, Snyder is still interested in the comic scribe’s input. A source close to Miller said, “Frank had no idea the announcement in San Diego was going to happen so it did come as a surprise. He’s going to be meeting up with Zach in the next few days to go over the plans for the Superman film so things should be clearer after that.”

Writer David S. Goyer revealed that by the time the film hits theaters in 2015, the word “versus” may have found its way into the title.

Sounds like this won’t exactly be a “World’s Finest” pairing.  Instead, it seems as though the filmmakers will definitely be illustrating who would win in a battle between the mightiest being on Earth and the world’s master tactician.

Will one hero actually defeat the other?  Or will this duel end in a draw?  What will they be fighting over?  I suppose we’ll have to wait until after this epic summit to find out!

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to seeing these heroes duke it out on the big screen?  Does Batman really stand a chance without Kryptonite?  Comment below!